Flash Back Fridays

Fridays are my days to relive the past in some way or another.

Today I am thinking back to the final days before Peanut was born. (Thankful to Facebook for the new timeline and abilty to pull the information I need to do this)

31 August 2010 – FB STATUS READS:

* Off to the Dr today! Here’s hoping this Zululand Ntombazani inside me is still not on strike and is willing (after a bit of negotiations and toi toing OF Course) to make an appearance this week (or today…..me I am easy) ♥

*As most of my Dr appointments go – this one was pretty uneventful – things still the same. Having U/S done 7 Sept to ensure all is good. Have been told that 12th Sept is deadline to carry peanut! Oh well – what to do. Thanks for all the support – you guys rock and keep me sane and positive. Loves to you all xxxxxx

I totally remember being told to relax and enjoy the quiet time and not to rush this – I laughed and scoffed at the advice – Looking back I so wish I had listened.

Hindesite! What a curse you can be.


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