Potty training has started last month – her timing not mine.

Mealtimes can still be a battle ground – but we have made progress.

Bath time was a hit…then a miss…now a huge hit again.

Hair washing still requires the windows to be shut so the neighbours don’t think I am killing her.

And YES she still sleeps with us and wakes up for bottles at night!

I took myself back to the night I crawled back into bed (crying my eyes out) asking my husband if we made a mistake by having a baby and him say “I thought it was going to be easier too”. I certainly wondered if I would ever get this “Being a mother is the best thing in the world” feeling that everyone kept telling me about.  I was so envious of my friend’s easy going baby’s (while I was setting up an E-bay account wanting to sell mine – complete with wardrobe and accessories.)

Yes – we have come a LONG way and two years later, I can only NOW say that “Being a mother is the best feeling in the world”. To have someone love you so much that they want to fall sleep on top of you has got to be the highest compliment you can ever receive.  I never would have seen myself spewing this out 2 years ago – When everyone tells you “They only stay little for a short time so enjoy it” and you TOTALLY want to kick them in the teeth

I never thought I would miss those baby days, but I find myself longing for them some days – especially since Peanut is as vocal and opinionated as her mother.  Yes I sure did meet my match!

Well that turned out to be more of a ramble than a reflection – but my brain isn’t what it used to be since I had my Peanut.  If you are a mom – you get it – if you are a mom to be – you will.

I hope that I am able to give comfort to those moms who, like me, have had a rough ride on the motherhood roller coaster, and remind them that it can and does get better.





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