A bad guest or a good mom?

Recently my normally out going (high-need) toddler and I went to a birthday party. She knew the birthday boy and his mom (location not) and this kid of mine freaked out like I was walking her into the pits of HELL. Not a tantrum – but crying – inconsolably – like I was going to leave her in Satan’s care. After 15 minutes of being there – I was in tears. Poor poppet kept saying “no mommy No Mommy NO – HOME HOME HOME”.

And yes I felt the need to (and probably did) explain why she was this way – what was wrong, make up excuses.  It was hard – what to do – be a good mom or a good guest? I did what my mom would have said for me to do and that was “do what’s good for the child”. I got my purse and left.

Thank goodness I have awesome friends who totally understood, almost shed a tear with me and followed up later to see how she was doing (BTW) hit the car and she was all smiles and happy to be going home.

Anyway – thought I would share my storey and this link http://www.thefussybabysite.com/blog/taking-your-high-need-child-to-a-playgroup/comment-page-1/#comment-2838 for anyone else who has gone through this or might go through it.

Just keeping it real ladies

x Have a great weekend. x


One thought on “A bad guest or a good mom?

  1. […] me personally, I did a piece about Miss “S” freaking out at a birthday party last September Bad Guest or Good Mom . We also had the same turn of events when we went to visit my husband’s Grandmother in Montreal […]


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