Goodbye 2012…Hello 2013

It’s time I took to writing again. To be honest I don’t feel like I could live up to or inspire the way my blogging mentors do. I can be my harshest critic at the best of times. But as I sit here, ringing in the new year……iPad on my lap……cat by my feet, in my most unsexy pjs….while hubby plays on line poker……I am making a resolution to put more effort into getting what’s on my mind and heart out there. Stone cold sober…maybe a little high on all dressed chips and diet coke.

So here’s to motherhood….the good, the bad and a lot of times a little lot ugly. Yes it is tough …somehow we get through it…..Some do it all over again……but the main thing to remember is……..WE GET THROUGH IT. And when you think that you are not holding it together…..remember another mom out there thinks you have your shit together. So cut yourself some slack and treat yourself with the same love you do others.

Catch you in 2013.




3 thoughts on “Goodbye 2012…Hello 2013

  1. edithrowberry says:

    So happy you are starting to feel better…for those of us that never had PPD…you give us an insight to your pain…and we wish you well and many more Happy New Years like this one !!! love you mom x


  2. misty says:

    Thank you for this… This helps me today.. I have ben strggling now for two years with this some days better then others but reading things like this helps and also lets me know i am not alone 🙂 ty again for sharing..


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