It takes a village

Life is so fast paced. Often family is spread all over the country, continent, world.
This makes raising a child that much harder.

If this was still time of the caveman we would all be shacked up with our parents,in laws, cousins, brother’s wife’s sisters and many more. As horrific as this might sound to some….I am beginning to wonder if they didn’t have it right. I mean if you got tired and wanted to rest, or even just needed an extra pair hands, you simply recruited the help you needed from the many woman available in your tribe. Maybe we would feel less overwhelmed and be more rested to cope and function at 100%.

What I came to realize while pondering this fact, is that I am indeed surrounded by a village of moms. Friends I have made along the way on this journey of motherhood, who have and would, do so much for me.

They are my sound board, MY soft place to fall.

In my village there is no judgment, no criticism of how I do things. Only love and support.  It’s the one safe place where we can all bitch, moan and laugh about similar situations.
It’s a circle of friends where we accept what works for us, might not work for another, somewhere that you can ask how the others are handling a situation without feeling like a fool for asking or not being able to sort it out yourself.

If only more moms could find the village of support that I have instead of trying to go it alone. If only I had used the village more when I was going through my MANY rough times. I suppose this realization is call experience and something you only learn over time.

Be kind to yourself





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