Social Acceptance

I have come to the conclusion that people are more tolerant with pets than toddlers

Why is it socially acceptable for dogs to run wild, poop on the floor, have bad table manners, not sleep through the night and suffer from separation anxiety. When pet owners describe these common ailments, we tend to look at them with the same puppy dog eyes they are given and accept it. Brushing it off as a dog / cat thing to do. We are sympathetic and even laugh at the antics.

So now I ask you, with tears in my eyes, why can’t we extend the same compassion and acceptance to parents of babies and toddlers? They are, after all, only little people trying to grow up and find their way in this crazy thing called life.

Could I also add that pets are more often than not allowed to sleep in their owners room or *GASP* bed. I know I am totally going to hit a nerve here. Bed sharing with a child is still frowned on, God forbid your child cant self soothe or sleep on his or her own. Let’s be honest – it’s not the “done” thing. Many people still ask if my Savannah still sleeps with us and when it’s going to come to an end. If I had to ask pet owners the same question, I would actually hurt some feelings.

Why do we let dogs be dogs and cats be cats, but we cant do the same for our babys and toddlers. Why is it so important that we rush them to grown up when they are little for such a short time. Why is it that we allow (yes I said allow) society and other people to influence the way we raise our child and prevent them from being little.

Moms unite! Hold your head high and embrace your tantrum throwing, food flinging, wild running, non-sleeping kid.

Everyone else out there – cut us some slack. Look at us with gentle eyes and kind smiles. Shrug your shoulders to let us know you have been there and know how hard it can be.

Be HUMAN! Because all we are trying to do….is grow and nurture our little humans.






One thought on “Social Acceptance

  1. edith says:

    To true , I am a kid person myself …’s a hard job ……growing these babes …and soon it all falls into place …enjoy !!!!


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