Sex and Co-Sleeping

Many people use this as a reason for why they don’t co-sleep.
Hey whatever works for you!

But never assume us co-sleeping parents do not have sex cause we are sharing a bed with our child.

Here are a couple of fun (true) facts:

– Having a baby / toddler fall asleep in your bed means you HAVE to be more creative on where and when you have sex – you know like in your crazy just dating days.

– You are more likely to try out (or revisit) other positions and not just the kind you are used to.

– Even if you do choose to have sex while your child blissfully and unaware sleeps on next to you – its guaranteed to be quick 🙂

– You take more time planning, and making, the time to have sex.

There is no guarantee you will have more sex if you are not sharing your bed with a baby / toddler. If you not getting any….you are just not getting any!

So next time you think we arent getting any, think again *winks*

Just a thought.

Be kind to yourself




2 thoughts on “Sex and Co-Sleeping

  1. Edith says:

    Good one !


  2. We slept in the same room as our son for the first 2 years of his life and when we travel only book 1 hotel room (son has a rollaway).
    Really it is not that different than if the kids are sleeping in another room. It is not like you run off and have sex while the kids are wake playing and the same goes if you share a room. You just need to be a little attuned to the kids stirring.

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