$#!T my Toddler says

Fruck. Yes fruck. As in Fire Truck.

Okay I thought it was exactly what you thought it was when
I first heard it. And honestly when she did say it I could hear my moms
voice echoing BILLOWING in my head:
“You see my girl. I told you to watch your language!”.

Imagine my relief when I realised it was just Fire Truck.
(Small prayer of thanks)
No one, and I mean NO ONE, wants to be the parent of the 2-year-old going around saying fruck, fruck fruck.

I wonder how I will react when the day comes (and it will) when she drops the “r”. Hopefully that day will come later, rather than sooner.

Maybe she will do what I did and hide in my room and say it (just so I could say it) in a place my mom couldn’t hear me saying them.
Cause if she did…….OH FRUCK!




One thought on “$#!T my Toddler says

  1. Edith rowberry says:

    Oh truck ….no comment 😉 xxxxxx


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