In Sickness and in Health

The norovirus is making its rounds.
Shitty! Literally!

Started with just a fever in the little one and I prayed it would be nothing more than a cold.
But Murphy had teamed up with life, and before you knew it we had a scene from the exorcist on our hands.
And once the heartless bitches had finished with her, it was my turn. I truly know, and understand, how sick my little one must have felt.

Through the tears and vomit, I really came to realize how deeply this little person loves and depends on me.
Her naked body shaking with fever, clinging on to me while I tried to clean her up (before the next round).
All she wanted was her mom and dad close by. That’s it. That’s all.

The hard part of writing this, is that its taken me almost 2 years to feel this way about being a mom.
PPD Robbed me of the first two years when I should have felt this way.
But the best thing about knowing this, is that I have the rest of my life and hers to make up for the lost year or two.

In sickness and in health.
Till death do us part.

Be Kind to Yourself



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