Off to work I go!

Like so many moms, I am up at the crack of dawn to get my day started.
I have 15 minutes of peace and quiet before the “storm of the morn!”
Most days I look pretty well put together, sure my socks might not match and were grabbed off the pile of “to fold” clean laundry on the floor, but somehow I manage to pull it off.

Then it begins. The Paso Doble. Yes waking the slumbering toddler can be compared to a dance that depicts a bull-fight!
Some morning are uglier than others.

I spend ten precious minutes with her on the couch before we leave the house to start our days.
Ten minutes where she sits on my lap and cuddles in close, quietly watching Thomas, warming up to the morning.

Getting ready to leave the house in winter is a real BITCH!
Boots, hats, snow suits and mittens are all met with much protest. Who could blame her – I personally get stuffy wearing a bra, t-shirt and sweater.

Drop of at daycare can be hit and miss. On the “hit” days she goes off to play without even looking back. On “miss” days she cries for me and doesn’t want me to go. Both hurt my heart.

Being a working mom is a tough job, but it makes me a better mom.
Going back to work helped me get through my PPD. It helped me recover a small part of the person I lost during my struggle through motherhood.

I could not be a stay at home mom. It’s just NOT me! So it makes perfect sense for us that I continue to work. It’s what works for my family and I.

Are there days I long to be at home with her. Sure. But I know she is well looked after and safe.
Do I miss her and think about the fantastic things she is learning. Sure. But its even nicer to see how proud she is showing off her artwork or what she has accomplished that day.
Do I question my decision to work and think I should be spending more time with her, or that it should be me teaching her things. Of course..Guilt comes with being a mom.
Do I miss the food battles, tantrum throwing or the infinite levels of defiance a toddler can display. HELL NO!

This way we don’t really get the chance to get sick of each other and it has taught me how special ten minutes on the couch can be in the morning.

What ever your choice, be it staying at home to look after your children or working, EMBRACE IT! Be happy with the choice you made. Let it be the right decision for you and your family.
Don’t let anyone make you feel less of a mother for doing it YOUR WAY. Don’t let what works for one mom influence what you feel is the best fit for you family.
Motherhood is not a “one size fits all” gig. It can be the toughest, shittiest, most rewarding gig you will ever have!




4 thoughts on “Off to work I go!

  1. Edith rowberry says:

    The learning curve of been a mom…..but it’s a beautiful journey !!! Love u Dee keep it up xxx


  2. Michelle says:

    yes well, I so understand this! I chose to stay at home 2 extra years without pay to be with my 3rd and with the oldest when needed… well, guess what?! I stayed at home anyway but the third ended up going to daycare by 8 months! 🙂 ok, it is because they offered us 2 places on campus where we both work, not because I was sick of being at home… but I stayed home anyway! Stay at home mom without kids! And believe it or not, it took me those 2 years to understand and accept that I needed this time to survive and rethink my priorities! Now i’m back at work, no guilt, no regrets and knowing what is the most important: those 10 minutes here and there with the kids! Thanks Dorianne!


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