Touching me, Touch You

Reaching out to someone and telling them you are not coping has to be the bravest thing a mom can do. Brave because the world expects us to cope. Brave because we are admitting something that not a lot of moms have the courage to do.

It’s such a risk, and yet it doesn’t have to be if you open up and trust the right people. I have taken that risk, and lost a friend along my journey and struggle.

But what I have gained has been so much more.
1) True friendship does judge or pity.
2) People that love and care for you, even when you feel you are not worthy of it, are keepers.
3) The right people you need in your life find their way to you and the ones that contribute nothing leave.(Sometimes with little encouragement)

To the woman that have reached out to me and the ones I reach out to – you inspire me!
You have helped me heal, be kind to myself and allowed myself to open up about motherhood in a way not many people do.

Moms all i have to say is start, or continue to reach out.
Be honest and open. You never know who’s life you can contribute to or change by doing so.




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