Talking About Postpartum Depression – REBLOGGED

Today its BELL LETS TALK DAY – Bringing awareness to mental illenss – I hope this reaches who ever needs it today and enourage all to keep the dialogue open




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After battling unexplained infertility for years, we finally had our first baby. It was a very easy pregnancy and our son Ethan was born in the summer of 2007.

I never thought that I would not love being a mom. Or that I would not know how to be a mom; that it was going to be harder than I thought. After doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted for so long, it was hard to just give up my life to take care of such a demanding little person.

Ethan didn’t care if I was tired or if I needed to eat. He didn’t care if I wanted an hour to myself to read or wanted to watch something on TV. He cried a lot. He slept poorly. I was breastfeeding, and so we were always together. My organized life fell apart. This mommy thing was not…

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