Adding a baby to the mix

Marriage + A Baby = rough times.

Anyone that thinks having a baby will
a) Save your marriage
b) Bring you closer together

If you really want to put your marriage to the test….have a baby.
I have not met one mom that wouldn’t agree with me (those that don’t are lying!)

You feel underappreciated and he feels like he can never do anything right. Add in some sleepless nights and sprinkle it with an ear infection and you have the perfect recipe for disaster.
We all say things we don’t mean at those times.
We even yell when we shouldn’t.
The snide remarks, the bitching and the cocky comments.

The morning after the sleepless night of mud-slinging filled with shame, anger and regret of things that should never have been said.
Yes we have all been there at some time.
I suppose the key is to let those middle of the night “discussions” disappear with the rise of the sun.
That and a simple kiss and saying “I’m sorry”.




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