I have not been as diligent about blogging lately and I started feeling super guilty, but then I came across this


Yes sometimes we I have to remember my priorities and what’s really important. Blogging came second to a sick kid, a husband studying for exams and sleep (I often fall asleep while putting my toddler to bed).

I sometimes think back to our lives before Miss “S” and how selfish we were.

We slept when we wanted, we watched TV till late, we had dinner at 7pm and didn’t blink an eye at a midnight movie or grocery shopping at 8pm. Now days everything is a little more calculated and thought out. Even trips for groceries are done with a bag that includes diapers, toilet seats, wipes, snacks and a water bottle.

Yes my life and priorities have changed.

So while I have been really bad a blogging and the photo a day project I embarked on, I have been busy doing what has been important.
Being a good mom.


photo (2)

My Priority


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