Change is in the air

I am beginning to wonder if it has something to do with the seasons changing, the recent time change or maybe the new moon coming up.
Good Lord there has to be a reasonable explanation.

Its like the toddler gods can’t bear to see us without a struggle, hurdle and obstacle. Everything seems to be a drama and a flood of fake tears and whining this past week.

One minute you think you have it “all together”.
And the next thing BAM !
You go from hero to zero.

She wont pee on the toilet. (Update – Since drafting this she has thanks to her Grandma..aka BA! ) Meal times are back to being battle grounds – ask me what she wanted for dinner last night (and got) CAKE. Bath times are being met with protest. Night waking have been more often than not and so is the word NO accompanied by a loud stamp of the left foot hitting the ground.

Of course all of this can be extremely irritating, especially after a long day at work. And you start thinking (And that is the dangerous part)
“If she ate more at dinner, she wouldn’t be asking for more milk at bedtime (or any other time during the night)”
“If she didn’t have so much milk maybe her diaper wont be as wet and you wouldn’t be forced to change it somewhere between (seriously are you awake again) and (go the hell back to sleep).”

It’s so easy to over analyse and read into. And sometimes you just have to breathe. Steady yourself and roll with the punches. But I also know there is only so many punches a mom can take before she is waving the white flag.

Yes I can hear a collective “This to shall pass” coming!
And I know it will. And I know as hard as it is on me, it must be even harder on her.

SIGH….cease fire toddler gods….cease fire!




3 thoughts on “Change is in the air

  1. sula1968 says:

    Be consoled, this is a doddle. Wait till she’s a teenager!


  2. sula1968 says:

    You do have my sympathy particularly with regard to grand parents. My little girl has one heck of a temper which is exacerbated when her brother does a lot of prodding


  3. Yanic says:

    It will pass I’m sure! We have had a few regressions ourselves. Especially meal times. I blame the beginning of the adjustment period with the new baby coming. She is now refusing to feed herself claiming she wants to be a baby too.

    Hold on tight and keep in mind it will all make you stronger as a family in the end and then, you get to tease her when she,s older and kharma rears it,s ugly head when she has her own… My mom does it to me all the time! 🙂


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