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There was recently a controversial segment on Anderson live called Moms & Medication – Mothers who take medication to be a better parent. I only knew about it because I happened to stumble on this blog and article “So you think I shouldn’t have had children”

What amazed me wasn’t the show or what was presented on Anderson Live, it was was the pure ignorance and hurtful comments people made, particularly towards mothers who suffer from depression.

When did people become so damn self-righteous.


Let me tell you, I wanted to be a mom. What I didn’t want or ask for was the PPD. But I did and I got the help I needed, through medication. Did it make me a better mom and help me cope? It sure as hell did! AND I. AM. NOT. AFRAID. TO. SAY.SO!

Do you really think there weren’t moments when I thought that I should never have been a mom? That this precious gift would be better off with someone else beside me? I spent so many HOURS wondering why I couldn’t cope without my medication and doubting my abilities as a mom when everyone else seemed to be having it easy and coping WITHOUT medication.

I often wonder if I had known beforehand that I was going to suffer from PPD if I would have had a baby. Hard to go back and make that call, as I would not give up Miss “S” for the world.

I do know that it has affected my decision to have more even though I know that I could get the help quicker, and a lot of the guess work second time around would be out of the equation. PPD has really put off having another baby and honestly we are quite content with just one munchkin running wild in our lives. I also don’t think I could quiet handle the guilt of enjoying another baby more than I did Miss “S” in those early days. Moms deal with enough guilt as it is. Why add to it.

To any moms suffering from PPD or any form of mental illness don’t let small minded people with too much time on their hands stop you from getting the help you need. FACT 1 in 5 mothers suffer from PPD. That’s a lot more than I would have thought and the scary part is how many suffer in silence being told to suck it up and cope by the world.


So in closing I would like to say God help those souls that find it their right to be judgmental and criticize moms that need medication to cope. May you or your loved ones never have to walk a mile in our shoes!




12 thoughts on “I am a Medicated Mom!

  1. Edith says:

    there is no shame in suffering PPD …bravo to the brave souls that ask for help…..as always Dee i think you are a great mom…xx and daughter hugs x


  2. Susan says:

    Rock on, fellow medicated mom! Thank you for contributing to the chorus of voices that are busting stigma.

    My husband and I weren’t sure we could ever decide to have a second baby after the PPD almost destroyed me/us the first time around. So instead we went to Vegas and got knocked up accidentally. LOL. I don’t think I ever would have been “ready.”. Thankfully, my second pregnancy and postpartum period have been amazing. Thanks to the meds, of course.

    Thanks so much for contributing your story. It matters. So much.

    Also, would you like to join the PPD Bloggers Facebook group? If so, friend me on FB and I’ll hook you up.


  3. You are so welcome – I think its so important that moms get the help they need and the stigma is broken. Thank you for the inspiration and for the support. xo


  4. True. SO much truth. All of it. Thank you for sharing your story. It’s important we get the truth out so people aren’t afraid to step forward and ask for help. This will surely encourage someone to find the support they need. (hugs)


  5. […] to work (and didn’t feel guilty), because being a SAHM would have driven me to drink. I am a medicated mom, because without them I would have been a raging mess. I also vaccinate without thinking twice or […]


  6. Carly says:

    People never truly understand until they walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. I’ve walked in those PPD shoes, and I’m right there with you Dee, medication has allowed me to cope and be a mom. Those judgmental people can shove it! I spent the first 14 months of baby #1’s life with no emotions and hating it. My life is so much better now and I am enjoying my preschooler and new baby, and loving every minute! My children are better off because of too!


  7. […] here I am. Big girl panties on and back to being a medicated mom. I am still muddling through this journey of motherhood finding it never gets easy… only […]


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