Our bedroom set up is much like this
With the crib against the bed.

At first Mini Me would fall asleep in the crib portion and then crawl over me, ending up in the middle, clawing the hell out of her dad with her tree-climbing toenails. The two of them would fight over space the whole night and I would end up in the crib, or at least have some part of my body in the crib, to give them their space.

Now days she falls asleep on my side (next to the empty crib adorned with her Dora bed set) and I am the piggy in the middle. Sandwiched between Mr. 6 Foot 2 and Miss 3 foot some on the other.

I proberbly sleep closer to my husband now than before we had her in our bed 🙂 Of course there are nights where I feel like I dont get the best sleep but I was never the best sleeper to begin with so nothing has really changed. I just bitch about it more than back then when I took sleep and my bed for granted.

You might think I am a slightly mad, but I actually enjoy co-sleeping / bed sharing cause I know that one day we will have to think about moving our Mini Me into her own room and bed. Its such a short time they are little and I will continue to do whats right for our family, regardless of the way others think.

Sometimes I lie awake and I hear them breathing and they are in perfect sync and I think how lucky I am.
Then one of them elbows me…..!



5 thoughts on “Bedsharing!

  1. Edith says:

    🙂 enjoy Dee ….time passes so quickly… a mom i long for those days..when it was just me and you …..such recious mo ent xxxx
    You are a good mommy Dee xxxx


  2. Nice post, brings back the days of co-sleeping we had. 18 years later wouldn’t trade it!


  3. Charity says:

    Your bedroom is beautiful!!


  4. debbie says:

    hey cuz, and here i’m thinking …..purpel scheweee anything but and all xo


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