Understanding and Helping the Toddler Who Won’t Sleep

I Love this post. For anyone that has a toddler that still does not sleep – this is a GREAT read!

BabyCalm - Surviving the Fourth Trimester

Please note this is a collaborative post – for a list of authors please see the end of the article.

Every parent has despaired of their toddler’s night waking, no matter where the toddler sleeps and no matter the circumstances surrounding the desperation.  Although there is great disagreement regarding whether infants should be able to sleep through the night, the expectation that toddlers can and should sleep through the night without wakings parents is generally well accepted—with this expectation being what is presented as the “healthy” outcome by many health professionals.

Recent research however shows us how incorrect this expectation is as science tells us that it is normal for toddlers to wake at night well into their second year. Thus, to understand toddlers and what they need during nighttime care, we need to be sensitive to the “why” of their needs, abilities and experiences, and to look for “what” drives behaviours. The same…

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