Look its Shamu!

Yes when I was pregnant I was referred to by a neighbour as Shamu.
For anyone that doesnt know who Shamu is see below……

This is Shamu

This is Shamu


Nothing like going out and facing the world with confidence after a comment like that.

As much as I enjoyed being pregnant, I felt like evey other woman out there had the body of a super model, while here I was being compared to a SeaWorld Orca that weights approximately 2000lbs (900kg)!

Often people feel its socially acceptable to comment on a pregnant womans size. Well its not! Pregant woman are sometimes self conscious, often sensitive and always hormonal.
Even for us that have had our babies, we should remember to be more compassionate when addressing these issues with our fellow moms to be.

So in the mean time lets remember what NOT to say:
Dont say WOW you are huge!
You dont look THAT big.
Are you expecting twins?
You dont look pregnant you just look like you’ve gained weight.
How much have you gained?

I am sure I have forgotten a few, so feel free to pitch in and bitch with me.

In the mean time I wish I had this mentality about it..




One thought on “Look its Shamu!

  1. Edith says:

    Ahhhhh my Princess, you looked beautiful, then and now ….always, he was an “idiot” …..i still do not u derstand people in general and there comments with weight , i agree it a sensitive issue , one we all battle with at one time or another….
    i wish we could instill the “i don’t care” approach to all woman and remind ourselves , its attitude, kindness and been there for each other whether we are big or small that counts….. Love u xxxbeautiful one x


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