You know you have a toddler when…….

Our morning routine is pretty much the same, which includes a 5 minute drive to daycare which MUST, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, include playing “Little Einsteins” on the vehicles DVD player.


Yes I know a 5 minute trip that must include the dvd being on. That’s pretty sad. But not as sad as a drive all the way to work with it still playing in the background and singing along!

People around proberbly think I am listening to some HARD CORE ROCK when its actually – “PAT PAT PAT – BUT WE NEED MORE POWER!” Said with real mom gusto. (Of Course)

Meanwhile…..back at home dad is at home getting ready for work, forgetting to change the channel to sportsnet after we leave and is watching “Guess with Jess” *SIGH*


Yes! We have arrived as parents and clearly are embracing it!



One thought on “You know you have a toddler when…….

  1. Edith says:

    And well done to you both you are great parents without a doubt! And i love been Ba to a special little girl who throws her arms around me and say ” i missed you my Ba ” the quickly runs to everyone else to make them feel loved and special too…we truly are …. Blessed…thank you Dee and Seb xxxx


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