Let them eat cake!

I am the mom guilty of allowing cupcakes for breakfast and cookies before bed.

Life is there to LIVE and enjoy and yes to have cake for breakfast.
Why not, as one mum pointed out to me not too long ago, cupcakes have eggs, milk and flour in – PERFECT breakfast ingredients

Having a two-year old is like seeing life and the world through brand new innocent eyes.

Yesterday there was no cake for breakfast…but there was brownies for dinner.





3 thoughts on “Let them eat cake!

  1. Amber Perea says:

    A girl after my own heart!


  2. […] as I have mentioned before in Let them eat cake, life is to precious to sweat the small things like meal time battles. Anyway her amazing mom (aka […]


  3. […] I make a special meals at dinner time, because sometimes my sanity is not worth the fight. I allow brownies for dinner and cupcakes for breakfast, because they contain 3 food groups. I don’t always keep a tidy house, because its not a […]


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