Spagetti For Breakfast

When Asked what she wanted for breakfast last Friday, Miss S declared, Pagetti.

And so Pagetti she got.

Yes as I have mentioned before in Let them eat cake, life is to precious to sweat the small things like meal time battles. Anyway her amazing mom (aka ME) is a huge advocate in spagetti for breakfast.

It was a great moment to share pagetti for breakfast with my mini me.

Yes I am “that kind of mom”. I give in. I pick my battles, and I am trying day to day to not sweat the small stuff and enjoy every moment and heartbeat I am blessed with.


Update: PS – Spagetti was leftovers and not made from scratch – NO WAY I AM THAT COOL or ACCOMODATING 🙂


One thought on “Spagetti For Breakfast

  1. sula1968 says:

    That’s a very healty breakfast. I’m busy cooking spaggeti for mine for supper right now


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