I am still around!

I have been a bad blogger.
There is so much to blog about and I suppose that’s a good thing cause I have been out there living.

We have recently returned from a trip to Greece. n Yes I put on my big girl panties and boarded a plane to Greece with my toddler and husband.

It feels like just yesterday I posted this post Preparing to Travel and now I am ready to tell you all how it went.

Our luggage fell short of the kitchen sink and our expectations were to expect the worst and hope for the best.

I was pleasantly surprised and cant wait to share our adventure with you all. Stay tuned…..as luck would have it Miss “S” had strep throat this weekend so no rest for the wicked!




One thought on “I am still around!

  1. […] Maybe its the changing of the seasons that has got me in a lull. (I know my last excuse was “It’s Summer I am busy”) Or maybe I have finally found my motherhood mojo and I have less to bitch […]


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