Yes, Sometimes I Lose my Shit!

Firstly apologizes to my biggest supporter and fan for the title.

Bear with me on this one mom.

I am a huge supporter of gentle parenting, and I try the calm approach to situations as much as possible. But then there are times where I lose my shit. I am talking off the wall mad woman, screaming like a banshee lose it!

You can only have your food thrown back at you and be told NO so many times before you become “that type of mom”.
The one that has been pushed just a little to far.
The one in the store shouting at her child to “COME HERE NOW”.
The one that has taken to threaten her child within the inch of their life to get things done.
The one we all don’t want to be.
But the one we sometimes end up being cause after all we are only human.

Yes I know – Shocker I said the “H” Word. Cause moms are supposed to rise above ANYTHING!

I suppose it’s because we think we should have a handle on this by now. But we don’t, and we never will cause these little people and the roles we play in their lives are evolving and changing EVERY-SINGLE-DAY.

Even on our trip we had our moments (albeit only one or two) where I could have clawed my husbands beating heart from his chest with my bare hands and dropped Mini Me into the ocean, all while cackling like a mad woman. Yes. I would say I had my moment(s).


Next time you look at me, or any mom out there thinking she has it all figured out, try to remember she doesn’t.

She is tired, over worked, under appreciated and going through her own struggles.

She has a toddler turning down her home-made meals, a baby that is not sleeping, a husband that is driving her close to making love to a bottle of scotch and a laundry pile away from losing her own shit!


Its okay.
It’s okay to be human.
It’s okay to admit you cant do it all.
It’s okay to not do it all and be all you can be.
I mean come on this is not the Army.

We don’t receive badges for getting our kid to finish a meal or attend ceremonies decorating us for bravery after we faced the grocery store alone with a toddler. You do not get debriefed after every traumatic encounter with your spouse or kid and there are no survival courses on how to get through this journey without screwing up.

So lose your shit once in a while.
And thats OKAY
Cause as I am learning and trying to remind myself



7 thoughts on “Yes, Sometimes I Lose my Shit!

  1. Katvis! says:

    I absolutely freakin love it my friend!!!!! U have hit the nail on the head!!!!!


  2. Edith says:

    Its “funny” but so true …..its been a mom ! It is alsoso rewarding !! Xxhugs xx


  3. […] By the end of the two weeks it was a little less cute and heart warming and just plain annoying, irratating and pushing me closer to the edge of losing my shit. […]


  4. sillysammy says:

    I exhaled with relief! It’s been a long rainy week here with a five year old. Losing my shit sums it up nicely. We’re all in it together!


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