My Friend. My Hero. My Humbleness.

I was supposed to write a post about my travel experience today, but instead I am sitting here fuming. Fuming because of what recently happened to a friend of mine in South Africa.

This is the exert from the local paper, tell me it didnt bring out the Grizzly Bear in you.

‘One had a screwdriver and the another had a knife. ‘When my boy began screaming they gagged him and tied something around his neck before shutting him and his little Jack Russell in the bathroom. ‘One grabbed my hands and held them behind my back and marched me upstairs; he must have been quite short as I had to stoop. ‘I spoke to them in isiZulu but they insisted I speak English.

‘They were swearing all the time and threatened to kill me, just demanding money and keys to the safe. ‘They were harsh with me but did not hurt me.’ The thieves ransacked the house for over an hour, taking weapons, jewellery, bank cards, phones and other items. ‘After about 20 minutes they brought my son upstairs and asked him where his dad keeps his money. ‘He said there was money downstairs and led them to his piggy bank. It had R12 ($1) in, which they took.

‘They then locked both of us in his bedroom, warning us not to call the police. ‘We played on the floor with toys while we waited until we were sure they had left and we were safe.’ After a while the woman alerted a neighbour who called police and security officers.

My blood boils and I want to tear the heads off the scum that could do this to my dear friend.

As hard as this hit me, it also made me feel foolish and shallow.
Here I am complaining about the “silly” challenges I face without realizing how fortunate I am.

I don’t have to fear for my life when I go to bed at night.
I don’t worry about the future of my child in Canada.
I don’t obsess over locking myself up to keep us safe.
I am not spooked over every unfamiliar noise or shadow.

So while I face my own struggle as a mom, there are moms all over the world having to face the “normal” mama struggles and the problems of her country. Its those moms that I dedicate this post to.

How brave is my friend.
Playing on the floor with her little guy and keeping calm while her house is ransacked, possible fearing the worst.
You, my friend, are my hero.

Super mom



4 thoughts on “My Friend. My Hero. My Humbleness.

  1. Yanic says:

    My thoughts are with you and your loved ones… xox


  2. sula1968 says:

    What a horrible story, she sounds like a great Mom. I won’t say that she was lucky that she was not raped or that she and her son were not hurt or murdered because what she went through is by no means lucky. It’s a sad state of affairs that when the sanctity of our homes is violated, we have goods stolen or a car stolen or hijacked we are still grateful because “it could have been worse”.


    • The hard part is explaining the fear to this side of the world. They kinda look at me like this is a once off and a freak accident. So hard to know how the other side of the world livesm, when they have no idea. HUGS to you and stay safe always x


  3. Emma Duncan says:

    Wow, what a woman. Thanks for sharing this, it really does put into perspevtive how good we have it xxx


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