Summer Fun

It seems summer is taking me away from my blog.

Trying to take full advantage of the sun and outdoors.

We have enjoyed ice cream on the couch watching a movie
picnics in our back yard
and boating on the Ottawa river
photo (5)
Miss “S” also (after a long struggle and much frustration) managed to put on her own t-shirt, albeit inside out and backwards.

But let me not paint you a picture of how wonderful it’s all been.
You know how I like to keep it real.
Cause ………..

We have also endured 2 weeks of screams and tears when it came to going to day care. Two VERY long weeks of heart breaking crying at the mere hint of it being a week day and going to daycare.

“You no go work mommy, you stay here. I stay you.”

By the end of the two weeks it was a little less cute and heart warming and just plain annoying, irritating and pushing me closer to the edge of losing my shit.

Then we have the moment where I am sure my husband wonders why I am a nagging, complains about everything he does, controlling wife.
And I have wondered when he became a little to no patience, dictator to our daughter, uptight husband.
But heres to us getting over the hiccups and enjoying the rest of summer and each other.

Any way thats whats been keeping me from blogging.
Hope everyone is enjoying their summers.



One thought on “Summer Fun

  1. Edith says:

    well done Little one ….getting dressed all by yiurself is a very achievement……good for you mommy allowing her to try and try again with patients…..
    As for getting uptight in a couple , i have no idea i was fortunate to do it by myself so we played by my rules 🙂 ….thanks to granny gramps aunts and uncle we did a good job tooo….
    By the way i CLMS …… Very eaisly sometimes and i don’t need a kid in the mix hats off to you xxxx hugs


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