The way I are!

I am not a better mother than you are because of the way I do things,
I am a better mother to my child because of the way I do things!


I use disposable diapers,
because I don’t want to deal with anymore shit than I have to.
I formula fed (eventually),
because my child was hungry.
I rocked my baby to sleep,
because it’s the only way she would get to sleep.
I let my baby fall asleep on me,
because it’s the only way we slept.
I sleep with my husband and toddler,
because it’s the only way we get a decent night sleep.
I lie with my toddler before she falls sleep,
because I enjoy it (most nights).
I didn’t let my child cry it out,
because I could handle her crying.
I shout,
because sometimes a long explanation to a 2-year-old just won’t do.
I make a special meals at dinner time,
because sometimes my sanity is not worth the fight.
I allow brownies for dinner and cupcakes for breakfast,
because they contain 3 food groups.
I don’t always keep a tidy house,
because its not a priority for me.
I enjoyed going back to work (and didn’t feel guilty),
because being a SAHM would have driven me to drink.
I am a medicated mom,
because without them I would have been a raging mess.
I also vaccinate without thinking twice or googling the lengthy lists of possible reactions and side effects.

The decisions I make are not based on books, peer pressure or what the latest fad is.
They are not because I read them on a mommy board or asked for someones opinion, advise or approval.
They are merely whats right for my family and I.

I hope all moms can find comfort and peace with the decisions they make or have made.
Let them be yours.



4 thoughts on “The way I are!

  1. edith says:

    well done, Dee, you are the best moomy and you have done a wonderful job…keep going . Love you always mom xxx


  2. sula1968 says:

    Ditto on most points 🙂


  3. Love it! I’m a firm believer that the only “right way” is whatever way WORKS! 🙂


  4. Amber Perea says:

    I love this! Do what you do and be good at it, Mamma! 🙂


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