I’ve lost that blogging feeling!

I feel like I lost my blogging mojo. (Or Blojo)
I have not been in the mood for writing, blogging or putting it out there.

Its hard. I see all the bloggers blogging and I really should feel inspired, but I don’t.
So I am around, still a mom, a wife and an employee.
Maybe its the changing of the seasons that has got me in a lull.
(I know my last excuse was “It’s Summer I am busy”)
Or maybe I have finally found my motherhood mojo and I have less to bitch about.

Oh well – I am sure there will be a shit storm in a teacup to deal with around the corner.

In the mean time ladies.




2 thoughts on “I’ve lost that blogging feeling!

  1. sula1968 says:

    I certainly go through periods of feeling inspired and others quite the opposite, some things can’t be forced. None the less enjoying motherhood beats sitting at a computer hands down


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