Who We Are!

Silence is golden, unless you suffer from PPD then its poison.


We are seen as suicidal baby killers.
We are judged because of the illness we never asked for.
We shut out the world, living in fear that our babies will be taken.
We live in the shadows.

We miss the person we used to be.
We try to be the person we are expected to be.

We are robbed of a time we will never get back.
We are left with guilt and shame.
We hide behind fake smiles of false happiness.

We feel regret and rage.
We feel sadness and sorrow.
We want to run.
We want to hide.

We go from Jekyll to Hyde faster than you can read this sentence.
We feel the darkness close in quicker than we realize.

We wonder who we are.
We are the wife, it is the mistress.

We suffer in silence.
We reach out for help.

We medicate.
We meditate.

We hope for the best.
We prepare for the worst.

We are mothers suffering from PPD
We are who I am!

I am the face of Depression



4 thoughts on “Who We Are!

  1. Walker Karraa, PhD says:

    Reblogged this on For Miriam and commented:
    Thank you for writing #ForMiriam


  2. Bless you and this post @pppsurvival


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