When you say nothing at all

Sometimes the best thing you can do for a mom (new / experienced) is…5c9547ad47988f35c259a3b28c4fb51c

We don’t always need advise, or need to be told what we should, or could be doing different. There are times we just need to vent and have someone to take the time to hear what we have to say.

Moms spend so much time being something to everyone that they often feel forgotten.

And to the moms – share.
Share your feelings and concerns, your insecurities and your worries.
Open up to someone you trust and (here’s the important part) LET them be there for you
Let them hear what is on your heart.
You are important.Signaturekeep-calm-and-hug-mom-9


2 thoughts on “When you say nothing at all

  1. Persephone says:

    Oh my goodness this is so true. I got fed up with “advice” in the very early days and I don’t fully trust mums who don’t share their fears, problems, etc. How can I share mine if they don’t share with me?


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