Sleeping with the enemy?

When did this….







Become more socially acceptable than this?






There is a definite line in the sand when it comes to this topic. Bed sharing has been blamed for divorce and the breakup of marriages.
I recently read posts linking bed sharing to ADHD , not to mention all the posts saying how  we are screwing our kids up and that they will be dependant on mama


(Cause really what we really need is more guilt and more people telling us the path we have chosen is wrong.)

And for these reasons comes the new breed of family – the closet bed sharing family. Can you believe we have to actually hide this so we won’t be burnt at the stake for doing what is right for our family?

So if I haven’t done so before I would like to say:

“Hi my name is Dee and I am a co-sleeping, bed sharing parent.”

“It’s been 3 years since I swore I would not be sharing a bed with my child, and here I am enjoying it.”

Bed sharing has not affected my sex life, home life, married life, work life or any kind of life. My kid is, so far, not screwed up because of it.
She is a confident, caring little girl.  But let me not come across as cocky because I  certainly don’t attribute this quality to our sleep arrangements. Sleeping arrangements by themselves cannot produce a particular type of person or personality. Let me repeat it so it sinks in

Sleeping arrangements by themselves cannot produce a particular type of person or personality!

There is no cut and dry to this parenting / motherhood gig.
Haters will hate and you will have differences of opinions on many things, the key is to remain focused on your own values.

Don’t  get caught up in the mom against mom war.
Life is too short to be worried about the way others are doing it.

Sometimes we are over fed with information that ends up clouding our own judgment.

You’re damned if you do and you are damned if you don’t.
So damn them all and do what you damn well want to.



One thought on “Sleeping with the enemy?

  1. Edith says:

    well , I can see bed/ room sharing for 5 yrs did you no harm ….ok i was a single mom ….so for a start i had no issues alot of married couplez have to consider….
    I agree with you totally that you as a mom and dad should choose whats right for you…..well done and happy parenting your way…
    I always say you owe no one any explanations ….unless its illegal 🙂 love you always good mommy xxx


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