Surviving Each Other

We had a man (little girl) down in our camp.
Fever of 104 F.
Diagnosis of Strep.

Canadian winters can really screw recovery up and we were in almost lock down as the outside temperature dipped to -27 C.
Only escaping once to take her to the doctor, and that was a chore.
Its been 5 very long nights and 4 even longer days.

So you can imagine these long days all cooped up together, our family looking more like a scene from Lord of the flies

While I was hoping to keep it more Swiss Family Robinson.
Swiss Family Robinson Cast

Yeah….. that didn’t happen!
But we got through it.
All alive, some of us feeling more emotionally fragile than others.
For as hard as we try to keep it together sometimes falling apart is only human.



2 thoughts on “Surviving Each Other

  1. quiltykanuck says:

    Yeah, I remember the 7 day quarantine Jason, Nevaeh and I went through last year when we got the flu… I feel you! Hopefully everyone is feeling better. xox


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