I want to talk about it. #BellLetsTalk

I am very blessed to live in a country where mental illness is allowed to come out of the shadows and be seen for what it is. An Illness.

For anyone that doesn’t know what mental illness looks like,
allow me to show you.
2013-10-05 15.04.47

I bet you never expected it to look like that.

Depression is not a one size fits all, cry in the corner, suicidal person who can’t get out of bed picture.
Depression can be a woman in a grocery store, a man at a desk,
a child playing soccer.
Depression has no race or religion.
Depression doesn’t care how much you earn or where you live.
Depression is not something you ask for.

I suffered from Postpartum Depression and know many wonderful women who have suffered the same fate.
I have friends and family that have been diagnosed with, battled through or are dealing with some form of depression.

Depression can be cured.
There is nothing to be ashamed of.
It should be taken this seriously everywhere and not just in Canada.

Depression deserves the same love, support and understanding as some other well know diseases.


Today 28 January 2014 is Bell Lets Talk day what that means is that Bell will donate 5¢ more to mental health initiatives for every:
Text message sent*
Mobile and long distance call made*
Tweet using #BellLetsTalk
Facebook share of our Bell Let’s Talk image


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