No Mother escapes “Those” moments of mommy madness

Not too long ago I witnessed what most of us encounter on a daily basis.
The mom had the olympic rings tattood on her ankle and was attempting to fold up a stroller and put it into the back of a minivan
(side note – the stroller was winning)
Her husband was putting a screaming child into the car seat and the older two children were bickering in the back.

You could see the look of defeat on his face and the look of annoyance on hers.

As I drove away from the woman and her family they began getting more and more impatient with each other, and I smiled. None of us escapes, or are immune to these moments.

It was comforting to watch as even a seemingly successful woman – who at one stage could have had it all and lived the dream – was going through a “normal mommy moment of madness”.
I wonder if this is how she thought it was going to be!



One thought on “No Mother escapes “Those” moments of mommy madness

  1. quiltykanuck says:

    We are all the same… some people are just better at pretending that all is perfect… Or people just choose to take the imperfect and make it perfectly wonderful. I aim for that last one. I don’T always succeed, but I try my best!


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